What is the difference between your Standard AT&T Service and Premium AT&T Service?

Our Standard AT&T Service is a low-cost service for unlocking your iPhone from AT&T. The success rate is close to 100% as long as the iPhone is not under contract, has no pending payments and hasn't been blacklisted due to loss, theft or unpaid bill. If your iPhone falls under any of these conditions the success rate will decrease significantly.

If your iPhone cannot be unlocked for any reason under UnlockATTPro's responsibility, we'll issue you a full refund so you can submit your request using our Premium AT&T Service which practically guarantees to unlock your smartphone.

Our Premium AT&T Service is currently the only service on the market that can unlock your iPhone from AT&T with an almost 100% success rate. This service is normally required for iPhones that have received technical support, have not been activated yet, are under contract or prepaid, have been blacklisted or for a number of other reasons.

Neither this service nor any other cell phone unlocking service offered by UnlockATTPro or reputable cell phone unlocking company can remove an iPhone from the blacklist. You will not be able to use your device in the US if it has been reported by AT&T. It may, however, work abroad.

My iPhone doesn't prompt for the unlock code. Can I still unlock it?

Yes, because iPhones do not prompt for the unlock code during the unlocking process.

UnlockATTPro will contact Apple to unlock your iPhone from AT&T in their database and we will then send you simple instructions via e-mail explaining how to complete the unlocking process.

Insert a SIM card from a network provider other than AT&T and then connect your iPhone to iTunes to automatically download the unlocking information from the Apple server.

Your iPhone will now be unlocked for use on any network in the world.

How long does it take to unlock an iPhone from AT&T?

The time it takes to unlock an iPhone from AT&T depends on the exact model and the chosen unlocking service. Under normal circumstances, the time frame will be between 1-15 working days.

The guaranteed delivery time will be displayed under the blue box on the right-hand side of the screen once you have selected the country and AT&T. You will also be informed of the average delivery time of the previous 20 similar unlocking requests.

Is it possible to unlock an iPhone which hasn't been activated?

Yes, it isn't necessary to activate an iPhone in order to unlock it. You can complete the cell phone unlocking process without inserting a SIM card from a network different to AT&T so as not to activate the iPhone.

Once you've unlocked your cell phone, you can activate it for use on any network in the world.

Can I still unlock my iPhone if I don't have a SIM card from another network provider?

Yes, no problem! It is not necessary to insert a SIM card from a network different to AT&T to unlock your iPhone as you can complete the unlocking process without one. Simply follow the instructions we send you omitting that particular step.